#JPR-C3800 JMP Marine Cummins Replacement Engine Cooling Pump WITHOUT DRIVE GEAR (Replaces Cummins 3049157 / 3085649 / 3897669, Gilkes)


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Weight: 95.00 LBS

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#JPR-C3800 JMP Marine Cummins Replacement Raw Water Engine Cooling Pump
*Without Drive Gear


JMP Cummins Replacement Engine Cooling Pump #JPR-C3800
QTY: 1

Port C-Clamps (x2)

Does Not Include Drive Gear (sold separately)
*Gear is JMP #GEA0015

Product Information:

JMP Bronze ImpellerIMP002603 (Bronze Impeller)
Port Type Flange 2"
Pump Weight (approx) 89 LBS (40.45 KG)
Replaces Genuine Engine MFG Sea Water Pump P/N Cummins 3049157, 3085649, 3897669
Genuine Cummins Impeller P/N 3897657
For Engine Model(s):K38, KT38M, KTA38M, KTA50M
Replaces Pump P/N(s):GILKES
Cummins Impeller P/N 3897657
Compatible to Genuine YES
Major Service Kit (All Internal Parts)
*Sold Separately
(Individual Parts Sold Separately in SPARE PARTS Section)
Seal Service Kit
*Sold Separately

What is Your Correct Pump for KTA38 / KTA50 Engine Model & P/N?

When wanting to match up the correct Cummins replacement pump you do not want to rely on just pump pictures and engine models since Cummins has 3 different pumps for the KTA50 engine models for instance; so you want to always be sure to check what Genuine Cummins pump part number you have to properly find the JMP pump replacement for you.

JMP Marine’s #JPR-C3800 (replaces Cummins 3085649 / 3049157 / 3897669) is the replacement pump for the older style Cummins Series which uses 2 pumps (so 38 Liters). Cummins then developed a new pump for KTA38 and KTA50 Series which replaces the 2 pump setup; one is from Jabsco and the other is from Gilkes.

1) Engine With One Pump Setup – JABSCO VORTEX PUMP:
Vortex Pump (KTA38, KTA50 Series)
JABSCO P/N: 15780-0000
Cummins P/N: 3393018 / 4314820 / 4314522
Engine Models: KTA38M0, KTA38M1, KTA38M2, KTA50M0
Jabsco Bronze Centrifugal Impeller Kit (Includes Wear Ring): JA 15298-1020
Jabsco Major Kit (All internal Parts except Centrifugal Impeller & Wear Ring): JA 99202-1000

JMP Marine #JPR-C3800V REPLACEMENT IMPELLER KIT – Used in Vortex Pump Above:
JSK0118 – Replaces JA 15298-1020
*includes Bronze Impeller & Wear Ring

JMP Marine #JPR-C3800V REPLACEMENT MAJOR SERVICE KIT – Used in Vortex Pump Above:
JSK0117 – Replaces JA 99202-1000
*Includes all internal parts except bronze impeller & wear ring

2) Engine With One Pump Setup – LRG “GILKES” PUMP:
Cummins P/N: 3849284 / 3897988
Engine Models: KTA30 / KTA50
If this is the pump you are looking for please note that JMP does not currently offer a replacement pump or parts for this version.


  • 100% Plug & Play Replacement
  • Compatible with Genuine
  • Heavy Duty Marine Grade Casting
  • Heavy Duty Durability
  • Marine Grade Shaft (3X Series Non-Magnetic)
  • High Performance Bronze Impeller

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Possible discounts on total shipping costs for multiple unit orders; please contact sales department at sales@aefilters.com or phone (022) 23827442 for bulk orders. Bulk orders usually based on 3 units or more.

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