Hydraulic Filters

A hydraulic filter is a critical component in a hydraulic system for maintaining the cleanliness of the fluid to required class level. Design and development of high pressure hydraulic filter for marine application is a challenging task. The design involves selection of special material and stringent qualification tests as per international standards. Hydraulic system of marine vessel is used for various utility operation viz. sailing of vessel and operation of controls. The system oil cleanliness has to be maintained by filters to achieve prolong operational life of valves and actuators. Filter to meet the system requirement has to be designed with utmost care to meet the specification requirement. Most of the hydraulic filters in modern marine vessel uses disposable filter elements made up of high strength glass fibre media whose filter rating varies from 5 to 25 microns. The glass fibre media has better contamination control and good service life over the conventional reusable stainless steel mesh type media.

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