Lube Oil Filters

Lube oil is very important for the functionalities of a marine and industrial engine. It forms a separation film between adjacent moving parts in order to prevent direct contact between them which then reduces friction, heat transfer and wear. One of the most important characteristics of lube oil is its viscosity. This must be high enough in order to retain the film of lube oil and sufficiently low in order to enable the oil to flow within the engine. During operation of the engine, the characteristics of the oil changes. Particles of soot accrue in the combustion process, as well as metallic particles caused by mechanical friction. These contaminants increases the viscosity of the oil which has lot of consequences like:

• Increased fuel consumption
• Drop in performance of the engine
• Increased wear and tear to the components of the engine

In order to exclude these risks, effective filtration of the lubricating oil and care of the lubricant is essential. This oil care includes efficient lube oil filters that discharge the particles of contamination from the lubricating oil.

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